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You could receive a full-tuition scholarship. Yes, you!

At Chapman University, we want your ambition to guide your future, not your finances. The Simon Scholar Physician Assistant Program at Chapman University creates pathways for students facing adversity by offering full-tuition scholarships. These scholarships provide eligible students who wish to earn their master’s in Medical Science degree (MMS) at the Chapman University PA Program with the opportunity to graduate in two years with little or no debt. Ten Simon Scholar PA scholarships are awarded each year to students who are admitted to Chapman’s accredited MMS PA Program.

Now is the time to start planning your path forward. Because with the Simon Scholar Physician Assistant Program, you have the opportunity to create healthier communities and a better future for all.

Selection Criteria

  • First-generation college student
  • Underserved background
  • Primary residence in Orange or San Diego County
  • Economic adversity
  • History of personal adversity
  • Demonstrated leadership
  • History of academic excellence and achievement
  • Ongoing community service
  • Plans to apply to the Chapman University PA Studies Program
  • Willing to commit to clinical practice as PA in Orange or San Diego County post-graduation for three years

We’re known for breaking barriers. The Simon Scholar Physician Assistant Program helps qualified, underserved students pursue a career as a PA with little or no debt, so they can chase their dreams fearlessly.

With 11 well-respected clinical partnerships at leading regional health institutions, you’ll gain real-world experience to refine your clinical skills in a variety of settings and provide the best patient care possible.

Why Chapman University's Simon Scholar PA Program?

Graduate With Little or No Debt

Partner With the Best

Prepare for a High-Demand Field

The PA path to licensure is faster than that of a physician. And for Simon Scholars, that path may be debt-free. Paired with the average starting salary of $120K a year, you’re on your way toward a successful career.

Application Process

  • Your personal essay telling us about yourself and why you are applying
  • Scholarship Financial Need Statement
  • Three required letters of recommendation
  • Apply to Chapman University PA Program using the Central Application Service for Physician Assistants (CASPA) portal

Impact Your Community and Your Career